Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Craniofacial Mommas ~ Happy Mother's Day!

Okay its a bit late but I want to take a minute to say Happy Mother's Day to all of you mommas out there who really deserve pampering daily. To avoid any hurt feelings I will say that all mother's work hard but there is a special mom who sometimes dedicates her whole life to her child. She may not have ever chosen the hard work that she's subjected to but as a mom she will often power through any challenge set before here. These mommas who have children with medical needs, of any sort, (craniofacial, growth & learning delays, autism, asthma, neuro-tube defects, handicapped, cancer...ect..ect), would be Gold Medal holders if parenting were the olympics. They are the prayer warriors and the women that I trust to gather around when I'm having a tough day. Sure we have our spats, squables, mostly brought on by culture, religious, or personality difference, but we have a common bond that draws us back together in some of the toughest times. I am proud to call my craniofacial friends my family. Many of these mommas I've never met, I most likely will never meet a lot of them. However, we really get eachother on such a deep level that it was certainly written in the stars for us to be destined to come together one way or another. Its such a deep and unique bond that we can cry, laugh, and scream together...sometimes all within 5 minutes of last emotion. There is something special about being a woman brought together by a common challenge, and although in the toughest times its hard to find the silver lining the fact that I found a lot of my friends through support groups and Facebook seems to be the brightest lining of all. I know I'm never alone and I hope that my blog, my website( and my videos help bring other mom's to our network.   Please take a moment to meet some(not all) of my extended family in the video I'm posting and please share this blog as I plan to get things rolling to get information out there for more awareness of not just craniosynostosis but other craniofacial abnormalities that are a challenge on a whole family when their child is born with or develops one of the many conditions of the skull or face.

Again Happy ~LATE~ Mother's Day to all you that have one of the toughest jobs on this planet.


  1. Awesome Melanie. You did such a great job, you rock!!!!!! Love the songs you chose, keep up the good work. Prayers and hugs to you and your family. (Annie & Timothy)

  2. OMW!!!! You took me from laughing to crying my eyes out in one second!! AWESOME!!! Well done love, I strongly believe that you are doing the job God wants you to do and that is to be there for other special needs moms!!!

    Love you so much!!

  3. Hy. I've found your blog while browsing the web for craniosynostosis as a lexapro birth defect . I've read some of your posts and I did noticed you hadn't posted in a while. Too bad, I really enjoyed your blog.