Sunday, February 27, 2011

This blog will go back in time before catching up to current

With this blog we are first going to go back in time a bit so readers can understand how we got to the point of needing a second reconstruction at the age of ten years old. My hope is to get it updated quickly as L has received a few gifts as she has prepared to have surgery in May 2011.

So much has happened since L's first operation at the age of  ten months old and due to some personal issues I wasn't always able to update our website and keep others informed. Also, we once had a website that reached thousands of readers. Sadly it was shut down when Yahoo ended geocities and we lost our chance to keep sharing with the world.

Now we're back with BeyondAGlimpse Mel's Knack and this blog. I hope you enjoy reading our blog, furthermore I hope that this will educate those who are just beginning this rollercoaster ride called craniosynostosis as well as help bring some new information and resources to those who like us have been on the ride for awhile now. Thank you for reading, sharing, and discussing. WE would love to hear comments to anything we have posted.,

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